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Rawlings, R: Fast N' Loud


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Richard Rawlings

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The breakout star of Discovery’s hit automotive restoration show Fast N’ Loud takes readers on an entertaining ride through his wild life and behind the scenes of his hit show in this memoir and automotive handbook, revving with outrageous details and jaw-dropping stories, and injected with the quick-witted, foul-mouthed charm viewers love. “If we’re gonna have fun, it better have a motor!” In Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings pushes into high gear, sharing the story of his rise to success, his show, and the automotive know-how that has made him famous. He begins with his own story—how he went from flat broke to a seat at the table with some of history’s most iconic car guys. His road to the top is full of dangerous twists and hilarious turns, with a few precipitous cliffs in between, including getting shot defending his beloved 1965 Mustang fastback from carjackers, blowing out of town Fear-and-Loathing style, and picking up chicks and vagrants along the way.

Other than that he is widely known as the friend of Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and for his guest appearances in the hit reality show Fast N Loud. Richard Rawlings Star of Fast N Loud Gives His Best Entrepreneurial Tips to PEOPLE. San Antonio College. In einigen Fällen aus Effizienzgründen. • ^ "PHP RFC: Variable Syntax-Tweaks". The government seized Scotts assets which included the Fast N Loud Ferrari and is part of Apple Towing Companys February 57 auction in Chino California.

Richard Fast N Loud

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